Awesome Campaigns Can Pull Together On And Offline Media And Provide Purpose

Like to see how we could connect consumers to your brand? Your customers are jumping from touchpoint to touchpoint expecting brands to be right behind them. Both B2C and B2B brands are navigating more channels than ever before – both on and offline. This translates to an unprecedented level of fragmentation. This makes integrated strategies critical […]

The Most Effective Social Media for B2C Businesses.

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As a follow on from last week’s post on B2B social media, thought I’d touch on the results from the Content Marketing Institute global survey about content and other digital marketing successes from a B2C perspective. 76% of B2C respondents use promoted posts (e.g. boosted Facebook posts and promoted tweets and pins). 61% of these […]

The Most Effective Social Media For B2B Today

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The Content Marketing Institute have revealed their survey results on Paid #SocialMedia Effectiveness. Of particular interest are the mediums having the highest ROI in the B2B space. 

Most of my clients in the B2B space are looking for assistance in business development – particularly in view of the Australian market today where business is tough in […]

The Role Of Marketing In Business Development For B2B Companies

When businesses globally are looking for efficiencies, is Marketing a cost or critical investment to a company’s future? The role of marketing is to commercially and successfully support the Business Development function. When BD is a critical function for those who must do this to survive, spending on marketing needs to have a clear ROI. […]

The Google’s Search Quality Rating Guildlines

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Last year Google updated their Search Quality Guidelines so what does this mean for your site? Basically they are trying to get the algorithms to outwit deceptive or manipulative behaviour and assign better rankings (higher organic search results) to pages with  content relevant to the search term used. Quality guidelines – basic principles Make pages primarily for users, not […]

The Clickbait Issue

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Content marketing has a clickbait issue Historically clickbait is when an article doesn’t end up delivering on it’s headline or photo and the site or page is setup with the intent of generating revenue at the expense of quality, accuracy and user experience. The definition has expanded over time to include the low quality content […]

What is freebooting?

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Imagine your company created a video and shared it on Youtube only for the video to be ripped and reposted on another platform like Facebook. This instance of the video generates millions of views and you end up not getting any return for your investment. This is freebooting it is one of the biggest issues facing […]

Microsoft ends support for older versions of Internet Explorer

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Microsoft’s push towards Windows 10 continues. Microsoft has finally moved on from its aging Web browsers as Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 received their last security updates and entered end-of-life last week on January 12. Only the most current version of Internet Explorer (IE11) will receive technical support and more importantly security updates. Microsoft released it’s […]

Windows 10 now on more than 200 million devices

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Windows 10 is now in use on more than 200 million active device after about five months on the market, according to figures released by Microsoft on Jan 5. However the bundled internet browser Microsoft Edge is trending in the wrong direction with many of those users reverting back to Chrome and Firefox. Chrome maintains […]

WordPress 4.4 “Clifford”

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Version 4.4 of WordPress, named “Clifford” in honor of jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown, is available. If you have maintenance agreements with us we will be updating your sites shortly once we have identified that there are no conflicts with our core plugins. Remember to backup your site before upgrading.