The Most Effective Social Media for B2C Businesses.

As a follow on from last week’s post on B2B social media, thought I’d touch on the results from the Content Marketing Institute global survey about content and other digital marketing successes from a B2C perspective.

76% of B2C respondents use promoted posts (e.g. boosted Facebook posts and promoted tweets and pins). 61% of these users found promoted posts effective, rating them either 4 or 5 on a 5-point effectiveness scale (3 is neutral). Check out below – a definite shift in effectiveness from the traditional print, online banner ads and native advertising.


Looking at the most effective social media, B2C marketers surveyed put Facebook at the top of the heap in terms of effectiveness, with YouTube coming in second. This is of course a generalisation and again, the most effective media both on and offline must depend on the targeted market, the key message and content to market and results targeted.


Bring Together All Media Used With An Amazing Campaign.

Tying in all mediums on and offline can be an amazing campaign that builds brand engagement, and/or promotes the consumer product or service. Clever creative that brings in all mediums can engage your prospective customers. Year after year, if you this well, you will see the compounded results! We’ve proven it at Brand One and allow a couple of years to see the great results from the viral engagement.

Stay tuned next week on an example of on and offline media working together cumulatively to get the best results.

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