Top 5 things you can use LinkedIn for outside of recruitment

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Your company LinkedIn page is much more than a recruitment page. Just as face to face networking can help strengthen relationships, LinkedIn can help expand your business opportunities and networks. An active company LinkedIn profile can help drive brand engagement and brand equity with your potential and existing client base. Thought leadership – start conversations […]

The Most Effective Social Media for B2C Businesses.

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As a follow on from last week’s post on B2B social media, thought I’d touch on the results from the Content Marketing Institute global survey about content and other digital marketing successes from a B2C perspective. 76% of B2C respondents use promoted posts (e.g. boosted Facebook posts and promoted tweets and pins). 61% of these […]

The Most Effective Social Media For B2B Today

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The Content Marketing Institute have revealed their survey results on Paid #SocialMedia Effectiveness. Of particular interest are the mediums having the highest ROI in the B2B space. 

Most of my clients in the B2B space are looking for assistance in business development – particularly in view of the Australian market today where business is tough in […]